One of the most important elements of effective social media marketing is a regular review of it.

Sounds obvious, but many businesses keep slogging on without accurately monitoring and measuring the results from their social media engagement.

Ensuring that the blogs, tweets, images, images, videos, Facebook content, and LinkedIn marketing efforts are delivering a range of returns is critical to continuing to invest time, energy and money into social media marketing.

Reviewing your social media marketing helps increase the profitability.









Here’s my top three tips for ensuring that a regular review of your social media marketing is delivering results:


* Use statistics, but remember the relevance

I review my social media marketing every 4-6 weeks, using statistics from platforms including Google Analytics, Lead Forensics, Facebook Insights,, and HootSuite. Reports are auto-generated, and social media marketing is then adjusted.

* Use common sense with content frequency

I post content which is regular, relevant and has reach-ability. Common sense is also important – let’s face it, we’re all tired of being bombarded by the broadcasters on social media. Make your social media marketing a mix of usefulness and timeliness.

* Use technology, but push personality too

Pre-scheduling social media content on HootSuite saves time, energy and enhances marketing feedback, but it’s also important to inject personality, too. Effective social media marketing hinges upon a combination of personality and purpose. Try it and see.

* What else can social media marketing reviews deliver?

From my last social media marketing review – conducted last week – I discovered that Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn continue to be the top three website traffic referrals to my website, that ‘How To’ blog posts continue to attract the highest number of visitors, that this was the most popular blog post of 2013 so far, and that every social media platform I post content on has delivered at least one new client each in the last calendar month.

When did you last review your social media marketing, and what did you find?