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Facebook’s Next Big Privacy Change Is Still Coming

Have you seen the warning signs? We’re all on Facebook and seemingly can’t give it up, but should we?In 2013 there have been some big changes in the way the social network handles its users’ privacy.The latest round of Facebook changes had a huge impact on teens and their online privacy.  You might recall that earlier in October Facebook caused a stir by changing settings so that teens could make themselves discoverable on the platform.In an Oct. 16 Los Angeles Times piece Facebook loosens privacy policy on teens’ posts Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, called on federal regulators to step in and protect teen privacy.“To parents and teens, Facebook is claiming they are giving them ... Read More »

3 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Storytelling (And Business!) In 15 Minutes

So this weekend, I’ve found that winning an imaginary lottery, Finding Nemo and Billy Idol all have something in common. This is because I’ve spent the weekend thinking of ways to improve my storytelling. Maybe you do that too, sometimes? Using your weekends to think about how to develop your business and your career? If you’re anything like me, then I have some AWESOME ways for you to challenge your brain and get better results in the process. And the best part is, that neither of these techniques should take you more than 15 minutes to try! Sounds good? Let’s go: The Pixar Pitch: Find Your Storyline This is pretty cool. Emma Coats, story artist at Pixar, has broken down ... Read More »

B2B Online Video Marketing: Planning to Execution Best Practices for Lead Generation

Name a memorable ad in the past.  Chances are, it’s a television ad.  Why?  Because nothing beats the power of a message that combines the senses of sight and sound.  That brings us to a discussion of video marketing for B2B.  Depending on what you read, most research shows that white papers are still the most authoritative content asset, but video marketing continues to grow. With B2B video marketing, it’s not about the number of viewers your video gets, but is that video reaching your target prospects.  According to a recent B2B survey from the Content Marketing Institute: About 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in ... Read More »

Vastly Improving Your Content Marketing

In many situations in life, the less you say, the more effective your words will be. That especially applies to your content marketing technique. It is very important to choose your content words wisely so that people don’t grow impatient and move on. The right approach When it comes to your  marketing content, it is important to take a good, hard, long look at your content before you make any changes or create anything new at all. Another extremely important issue is choosing your target audience before you do anything with your content. If you happen to be a the beginning of the process of choosing your target audience, a good approach may be for you to initially choose who you ... Read More »

President Obama’s Twitter and Facebook accounts targeted in Syrian Electronic Army hack

After tackling The New York Times, Twitter images and several other high-profile social media accounts, the Syrian Electronic Army has now struck the online presence of President Obama. A string of tweets were sent from the @BarrackObama account and messages posted to the President’s Facebook fan page earlier today with links to SEA YouTube content. The source of the breach has been traced to a third-party URL shortener and not a takeover of the accounts themselves, letting the hackers redirect any links sent out by members of Organizing for Action to SEA links. It also appears that the organization was able to gain access to a campaign-related Gmail account as it posted a screenshot of the inbox. Control of ... Read More »

Penn State to pay $60M to 26 Sandusky victims

Penn State has agreed to $59.7 million in settlements with victims of Jerry Sandusky. (Justin K. Aller/ Getty Images) Penn State University has agreed to pay $59.7 million to 26 men who were sexually abused by Jerry Sandusky, according to the Associated Press. The negotiations with the victims has been going on for about a year, and the school says it has come to terms with 23 of the men, and 3 more have agreed in principle. There are still 6 other claimants with which the school has yet to settle, but they have said they hope to reach settlements in all claims with merit. Sandusky is currently serving 30 to 60 years in prison after being convicted of 45 charges ... Read More »

Report: WVU’s Luck likely to be next Texas AD

Oliver Luck was recently announced as one of the members of the playoff selection committee. (David Smith/AP) Pending an interview with an advisory committee, West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck is expected to be named athletic director at Texas by the end of November, sources told Chip Brown of Luck, father of former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, would replace longtime Longhorns AD DeLoss Dodds, who announced his impending retirement earlier this month after 32 years. The announcement of Luck’s appointment could come as early as Nov. 16, Brown reports. Texas President Bill Powers would make the announcement. Powers is the former dean of the UT Law school, where Luck earned his law degree. Luck is a former quarterback for ... Read More »

Heisman Watch Week 9: Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel under the radar?

The rushing stats have dipped, but Johnny Manziel is besting his 2012 season in many ways. (Cal Sport Media via AP) Has the country completely forgotten about Johnny Manziel? While Oregon’s Marcus Mariota and Florida State’s Jameis Winston dominate most of the Heisman Trophy conversation, last year’s winner is seemingly flying under the radar in College Station. Yet Manziel’s performance against Vanderbilt on Saturday further proved that the polarizing player isn’t out of the Heisman hunt just yet. As always, Manziel faces a couple of challenges in his path to the trophy. First, only one player (Ohio State running back Archie Griffin from 1974-75) has ever taken home the trophy twice; that notion alone will play into minds of voters, ... Read More »

Is Google behind SF mystery barge?

(CNN) — Moored on the waters of San Francisco Bay, just east of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, is — well, a mystery. Atop a barge docked at Treasure Island, site of a former Navy base, is a four-story structure made from shipping containers. The purpose of the structure remains unknown, but the safe money says Google is up to something on board. Officials won’t say exactly what’s going on there. But some sleuthing by the media in the tech-heavy Bay Area has pretty much nailed down that Google, headquartered about 40 miles south in Mountain View, California, is behind the project. Tech blog CNET reported as much on Friday, citing lease agreements, Treasure Island locals and “tracking a ... Read More »

Everything Mark Zuckerberg has said in public is available online, but only for your PhD

If you’re worried that Facebook knows too much about you, you’ll be glad to know that a University of Wisconsin team is returning the favor; it just launched The Zuckerberg Files, an attempt to collect everything that Mark Zuckerberg has said in public. The archive currently offers nearly 50 videos as well as 100-plus articles that include interviews, official messages and transcripts. Don’t expect easy access, however. At present, the files are limited to academics — unless you’re writing a thesis on the intricacies of Silicon Valley politics, you’ll have to find Zuck quotes the hard way. Source Article from Home Mobile Read More »

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