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Caitlyn McIntosh: Of Rescue And Heartbreak

My favorite kitten that I have caught to date, Ren, was almost never rescued. I just happened to be out where his colony was with a newspaper photographer showing her where they lived. All of a sudden, I saw him; a kitten with crusty eyes who should not have been as wobbly as he was. I raced to him, multitasking to snap gloves on and stealthily snatched him up. Upon examination, he was indeed dealing with upper respiratory issues and needed special help. He is now the most lovable, snuggly, purr-happy, gentle kitten I've ever had the honor to love. And every time I look at his face, my heart decides he is mine. I fought tooth and nail to make sure he lived and he is probably going to grapple with respiratory issues all his life. So he's special. He needs someone who gets that. And then my mind reminds me how impossible the desire to keep him is. We are at our limit for pets for so many reasons right now.

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