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These Portraits Of Shelter Dogs Looking For Homes Will Melt Your Heart

Johnstone chose the landfill as the backdrop for her project to draw attention to the fact that the landfill is where euthanized pets are buried, and because “the county animal shelter falls under the same management as the landfill,” reflecting a belief that these homeless creatures are simply another form of waste. Source Article from Portraits Of Shelter Dogs Looking For Homes Will Melt Your Heart – AnimalsBuzzFeed, Find Your New Favorite Thing Home Animals Read More »

The 70 Best Costumes At New York City’s Most Important Dog Costume Competition

All photos by me, Matt Stopera. Source Article from 70 Best Costumes At New York City’s Most Important Dog Costume Competition – AnimalsBuzzFeed, Find Your New Favorite Thing Home Animals Read More »

Time Machines – Wireless wonder

Welcome to Time Machines, where we offer up a selection of mechanical oddities, milestone gadgets, and unique inventions to test out your tech-history skills. This device famously exhibited the potential of tuned radio waves and their ability to wirelessly convey a signal. In 1899, it transmitted a message successfully from Britain, across the English Channel’s 32-mile expanse, to a receiver in France. Its business-minded inventor went on to pioneer an industry in communication that changed the world. Tune in past the break for more about this breakthrough gadget. Marconi’s tuned transmitter and wireless telegraphy Guglielmo Marconi’s tuned radio transmitter, and its application in wireless telegraphy, offered a way to send and receive messages across great distances and succeeded ... Read More »

Inhabitat’s Week in Green: Amazonian biosphere, 3D-printed coral reefs and an 11-acre portrait

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week’s most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us — it’s the Week in Green. Architects and designers are increasingly looking to nature for inspiration — and the results are spectacular. Amazon just got the green light to bring an Amazonian rainforest to downtown Seattle — and it will be contained within a sparkling set of biosphere greenhouses. Meanwhile scientists discovered particles of gold growing in Australian eucalyptus trees, and Reef Arabia used 3D printing technology to develop artificial reefs to restore coral ecosystems in the Persian Gulf. Artist Jorge Rodríguez Gerada turned a field in Belfast into an incredible 11-acre portrait that can be seen from space, and ... Read More »

MacMullan: No time to get stuck on obstruction

Cardinals Win On Obstruction Call NEXT VIDEO Cardinals Win On Obstruction Call Cardinals Win On Obstruction Call Umpires Get It Right In Game 3 Umpires Get It Right In Game 3 Middlebrooks’ Take Middlebrooks’ Take Yadier Molina: ‘I’m In Shock’ Yadier Molina: ‘I’m In Shock’ ST. LOUIS — They don’t really have time to digest the hard truth, because here come Games 4 and 5 of the World Series on the heels of a wild, emotional and controversial Game 3, three pivotal games in three action-packed days, with little time to dwell on what could have been or should have been or might have been. Just as well for the Boston Red Sox. Here’s the bottom line on what happened ... Read More »

Mega CEO: Forget anonymous e-mail. Think privacy (Q&A) CEO Vikram Kumar (Credit: The future of secure, private e-mail doesn’t lie in Silicon Valley, or Silicon Alley, or even in the Northern Hemisphere, but in New Zealand. At least, that’s what Chief Executive Vikram Kumar wants to turn into a reality. After Kim Dotcom’s Mega shook up the secure storage world, offering a mind-boggling, industry-leading 50GB of encrypted free space, the company startled the world again by announcing that it would be building an encrypted e-mail service — but only after the unexpected closure of Ladar Levinson’s Lavabit. In the wake of the unexpected secure e-mail service closures by Lavabit and Silent Circle, what does secure e-mail even mean? From his home in windy Wellington, New ... Read More »

Stop Watching Us eyes big rally against NSA surveillance (Q&A)

(Credit: Stop Watching Us) In protest of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program, thousands of people are expected to march on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. The rally is being put together by a coalition of diverse groups that have come together under the umbrella organization Stop Watching Us. Their goal: end government spying. The NSA is one of the biggest surveillance and eavesdropping agencies in the U.S. and was whistleblower Edward Snowden’s workplace before he decided to leak some of the agency’s top-secret documents to the press in June. Rainey Reitman is the activism director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and lead organizer for the Stop Watching Us rally. (Credit: Electronic Frontier Foundation) That document leak ... Read More »

‘Daily Show’ interview leads to GOP official resigning over ‘offensive’ remarks

TV Oct. 25, 2013 at 9:27 AM ET A Republican precinct chairman in North Carolina has resigned one day after an interview he gave to “The Daily Show” aired. Don Yelton spoke with the Comedy Central show’s Aasif Mandvi in a discussion that aired Wednesday, in which he defended his state’s voter ID law and referred to “lazy blacks that wants the government to give them everything.” He said the law was not racist, but said that he’s “been called a bigot before.” Buncombe County, N.C., GOP Chairman Henry Mitchell told that Yelton’s statements were “offensive, uninformed and unacceptable of any member within the Republican Party.” Mitchell said in ... Read More »

Marcia Wallace, star of ‘Simpsons,’ ‘Bob Newhart,’ has died at 70

20 hours ago Video: Actress Marcia Wallace, the voice of Bart Simpson’s teacher Mrs. Krebappel and also known for her role as Carole Kester on ‘70s TV show “The Bob Newhart Show,” has passed away at 70. Marcia Wallace, who became famous to many as the sassy, redheaded receptionist on “The Bob Newhart Show” and also voiced Bart’s crabby teacher on “The Simpsons,” died Friday in Los Angeles. She was 70. A representative from Wallace’s agency confirmed the actress’ death in an email to NBC News. “Cheers to the hilarious, kind, fab Marcia Wallace, who has taken her leave of us,” said “Simpsons” actress Yeardley Smith on Twitter. “Heaven is now a much funnier place ... Read More »

‘Jackass’: Six most squirm-inducing stunts

Oct. 25, 2013 at 8:38 AM ET You probably know a guy who knows a guy who once jumped off something too high, or crashed in a shopping cart going too fast, or stuck something someplace in his body it didn’t belong. You can blame Johnny Knoxville for that. A generation of caught-on-tape daredevils can almost certainly be traced to Knoxville, MTV’s original “Jackass.” From painful pranks to squirm-inducing stunts, Knoxville and his band of clowning stuntmen took “America’s Funniest Home Video” to the dark side. And if you’ve spent any time on YouTube watching things go horribly wrong in backyards and dorm rooms across the country, you’re aware of the lasting impact of “Jackass” ... Read More »

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