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Meet Alibaba, Yahoo’s Chinese secret weapon

Yahoo shares are up 90% over the past year, but analysts say that’s largely because of its stake in buzzy Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gets a lot of credit for the company’s impressive stock turnaround. But Yahoo’s rebound has to little to do with the company’s core business. Much of Yahoo’s bounceback can be chalked up to its stake in a company called Alibaba — an investment that Yahoo made in 2005 when Mayer was still a Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) executive and founder Jerry Yang was still “chief Yahoo.” Yahoo (YHOO, Fortune 500) owns 24% of Alibaba, an e-commerce giant that has been described as China’s Amazon, eBay and PayPal wrapped in one. In truth, ... Read More »

Amid criticism, Wal-Mart touts promotions for workers

Wal-Mart says it will promote more than 25,000 employees by the end of January. Amid criticism surrounding its worker pay, Wal-Mart on Tuesday publicized a planned round of employee promotions. The retail giant announced plans to promote more than 25,000 of its roughly 1.3 million U.S. employees by the end of January, bringing its annual tally to more than 160,000 promotions this year, roughly the same as last year. The promotions will affect employees in both hourly and management positions and will come with higher pay and increased responsibilities, Wal-Mart said. The announcement comes just days after a Democratic lawmaker criticized the firm’s executives as “welfare kings,” citing the store’s average full-time hourly wage of $12.83, or roughly $26,000 a ... Read More »

Barack Obama’s tweets hacked

Hackers from the Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for re-directing links sent by President Barack Obama to a pro-Assad video. A pair of tweets sent by President Barack Obama’s Twitter account re-directed users to to pro-Bashar al-Assad YouTube videos Monday afternoon. One tweet about immigration reform was supposed to send followers to an article from The Washington Post. Instead, it linked to a video montage of terror attacks, starting with the attacks on 9/11. In a statement to CNNMoney, the hacktivist group known as the Syrian Electronic Army took responsibility for the hack, claiming to have broken into the president’s ShortSwitch account — a link-shortening service. The account, @BarackObama, is used by the president’s Organizing For Action campaign. “OFA links ... Read More »

Apple’s profit concerns linger

Narrowing profit margins continue to take a bite out of Apple. The company on Monday reported quarterly sales and profit that handily beat Wall Street estimates, but the stock fell as investors focused on crunched earnings. The problem: Consumers are increasingly interested in a mix of older and less-expensive Apple products, and that weighs on profits. Apple’s gross profit margin fell to 37% in its fiscal fourth quarter, down from 40% in the same period last year. Margins have fallen on an annual basis for seven straight quarters. For the current quarter, Apple said it expects a gross margin of between 36.5% and 37.5% — well below the median estimate of 38.6% that analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had expected. ... Read More »

Vatican’s ‘culture minister’ tweets Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ 

Technology 11 hours ago VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the Vatican’s 71-year-old culture minister, paid his own tribute on Monday to the late rocker Lou Reed, tweeting one of his best-known songs before clarifying he was not condoning any reference to drugs some have seen in the song. Ravasi, an Italian who is the same age as Reed was when he died on Sunday, tweeted the third verse from Reed’s song “Perfect Day”. “Oh, it’s such a perfect day/I’m glad I spent it with you/Oh, such a perfect day/You just keep me hanging on”. There have been many interpretations of the song’s meaning, ranging from drugs to a ... Read More »

Highfalutin ‘Internet Cat Video Festival’ pounces on Brooklyn

Social media 10 hours ago Game over. Cats have won the Internet. At least that was the conclusion among the many attendees of the Internet Cat Video Festival on Friday. Decked out with cat ears and painted-on whiskers, they lined up around the block to do in a group what they already do in front of their computers: Watch amusing cat flicks. This time, there was beer and pierogi. Cat videos have been so popular online that watching them has become synonymous with wasting time. There are tens of millions of cat videos on YouTube on any given day. They are also abundant on Vine, Twitter’s video-sharing app, and on ... Read More »

Ohio State marching band makes Superman ‘fly,’ T-Rex ‘walk’ in new video

Pop culture 17 hours ago Ohio State University goes marching on: After wowing audiences with their Michael Jackson “moonwalk” tribute last week, OSU’s marching band took on Hollywood during halftime of their game against Penn State on Saturday. In the new video, which has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube since being published on Oct. 26, the marchers make Superman “fly” over a building, Harry Potter soar on a broomstick, and a T-Rex go “walking.” A spectacle not to be missed. And, for the record, Ohio State trounced Penn State in the game, 63-14. Source Article ... Read More »

Mozilla starts crowdsourcing data to help devices find your location without GPS

Mozilla’s got a full plate between browsers, Firefox OS and a mess of other projects, but that hasn’t stopped it from starting a new initiative. The software community has set up the experimental Mozilla Location Service to collect crowdsourced geolocation data from public WiFi networks and cellular towers. According to the outfit, devices with weak or non-existent GPS capabilities will be able to determine where they’re at with the help of the service. Anyone interested in contributing will need to download the MozStumbler app for Android, walk around and upload data. Mozilla’s aware you’d be handing over personal location info by using the application, so it’s vowed to improve privacy all around. There’s no word of an iOS counterpart ... Read More »

NFL Week 8: Lions ‘MEGA’ effort drops Cowboys, Chiefs are 8-0

Hottest wives and girlfriends in sports Game on! It looks like these sports stars know how to score both on and off the field. Not only do athletes have fame, fortune, legions of adoring fans and countless endorsement deals, they also have… Source Article from Week 8: Lions ‘MEGA’ effort drops Cowboys, Chiefs are 8-0 Galleries – NY Daily NewsSports Galleries Home Photos Read More »

Jets can’t do anything right in Cincy

Hottest wives and girlfriends in sports Game on! It looks like these sports stars know how to score both on and off the field. Not only do athletes have fame, fortune, legions of adoring fans and countless endorsement deals, they also have… Source Article from can’t do anything right in Cincy Galleries – NY Daily NewsSports Galleries Home Photos Read More »

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